“theory” contains all the theoretical inspiration for the flying artist’s room, including the artists’ own reflections and the reflections of other people on the artists.

For example, the flying artist Janina Warnk recorded her experiences of isolation, quarantine and her parents in a coronavirus diary. In their articles for the Flying Art Journal, however, writers Dr. Katarina Kleinschmidt and Stine Hollmann reflect on dance, flying paper planes and appropriating space, while philosopher Marc Ulrich considers the artwork by Lisa Haucke and her students based on the question: “What is the relationship between people and nature and what is people’s relationship with nature?”

> Coronavirus diary by Janina Warnk

“Dance knowledge – research while dancing?” by Dr. Katarina Kleinschmidt
from Flying Art Journal #1

“Where paper planes occupy spaces” by Stine Hollmann
from Flying Art Journal #2