Adolf-Reichwein-Schule in Pohlheim (2022/2023 & 2023/2024 school year)

Adolf-Reichwein-Schule (ARS) is an integrated comprehensive school in the district of Gießen that offers different types of education. It has around 620 students from grades 5 to 10 and a teaching staff of around 65. Language skills are taught in three intensive classes so that recently arrived students can quickly be integrated. Alongside vocational and general secondary school examinations, ARS also offers a transfer to grade 11, with students moving to the university town of Gießen just seven kilometres away. The school celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2022.

Alongside specialisms in music and science, vocational education and social studies are also important parts of the school’s work. At an integrated comprehensive school there is obviously a focus on social learning, and this is particularly true at ARS since the students come from very diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

The variety of cultures, religions and countries of origin are a source of inspiration and therefore seen as enriching. However, if tensions do arise, ARS has a team of social workers, supported by young people who are completing a year of voluntary service or a social education placement, so that appropriate responses and solutions can quickly be found.

The full-day profile 2 school offers a series of attractive clubs covering everything from diving to learning, creative and science islands, homework supervision combined with relaxation and movement, all the way to band practice, choral and orchestral lessons and an environmental club. Groups of students look after the salt water aquarium and hens in the school garden. The school frequently wins awards as an environmental school and has a large school garden.

In addition to class trips and a visit to England, ARS also offers a week of winter sports and is currently developing a school exchange with France and Spain. It also stages concerts and art exhibitions. With outside organisations in different areas, projects such as a poetry slam and camera obscura are also brought into the school.

During the school’s renovation a few years ago, care was taken to provide extensive modern equipment in the area of crafts, music and art and in sciences. With ongoing digitisation, all rooms have been equipped with digital blackboards and WLAN.

In addition to the sports hall, an outdoor sports field and proximity to the local indoor pool round off the school’s sports offerings.

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“To solve the world’s problems, we need creative people who are able to develop complex ideas and be persistent in pursuing objectives. What better place can there be for creativity in school than in a flying artist’s room? This is where there’s time, room and space for inspiration, for pausing and finding the peace and quiet needed to try out techniques and materials and also exchange ideas.”

Petra Brüll, Head Teacher