Emsbachtal School
(2021/2022 & 2022/2023 school year)

Emsbachtal School is a full-day primary school and integrated general and vocational secondary school with around 410 students, specialising in vocational and cultural education. Just under 50 teachers teach with affection and dedication und use tried-and-tested modern teaching techniques to provide appropriate encouragement to each individual student and create learning conditions that suit every child.

“You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible!” – Headteacher Bernd T. Steioff has chosen these words of Hermann Hesse as his guiding principle. Warmth, consistency and being a role model are important at the school, which describes itself as a regional comprehensive school.

As a primary school and integrated general and vocational secondary school, many teachers in the school teach both primary-age children and youngsters at secondary school level all the way up to grade 10 in both school types in accordance with the required areas of competence and education standards of vocational and general secondary schools.

The school has won numerous awards: in 2007 it was not only named the best school offering the opportunity to obtain a certificate in secondary education, but has also been one of Germany’s top ten schools and in the top ten in Hessen several times up to 2015. For its educational approach as well – giving top priority to the development of a strong personality alongside strengthening the general basic elements of solid education – the school has won numerous awards, as well the special prize in the German teaching awards.

Vocational guidance has been a priority at Emsbachtal School for almost two decades. In order to achieve a good or very good school-leaving certificate, each student receives the support required in order to be well prepared to make the right personal choice of career and decide on their further professional development.

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“We also invite our neighbouring school in Selters to actively participate in the flying artist’s room on particular days so that cultural education extends into the local area!”

Headteacher Bernd T. Steioff