Gymnasium Nidda (2023/2024 school year)

Gymnasium Nidda is

… open & broad-minded
… colourful & diverse
… individual & warm-hearted
… small & manageable
… quiet & rural
… in short: a space where you can feel at ease. 

Around 1,000 students in grades 5 to 13 and 86 teachers spend a large part of their time in this academic high school in Nidda. It is located in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by a pond, a cycle path and various sports facilities. Due to its proximity to the pond, it is also known as the school on the pond. Despite its natural surroundings, the school is just a few hundred metres from the town centre. 

Given its rural location, the school’s catchment area is huge, with students from a total of 83 towns and villages, some up to 40 kilometres away, taking advantage of the education on offer there. 

To do justice to the many different interests and needs of the children and young people, Gymnasium Nidda has a very diverse educational offer. A partner school in competitive sports, for many years it has offered entry-level classes with a focus on sport. Since 2012 students have had the opportunity to learn a brass instrument in music lessons. On top of this the school is also very active in STEM subjects. Keen young researchers and anyone who would like to become one can choose a class in grades 5 and 6 focusing on the sciences.

As creativity and imaginativeness are in demand in all areas, the school community has embarked on becoming certified as a school of culture. This provides benefits in all areas of school life. Naturally there is a great deal more to say about the school – about its projects as an environmental school, about the events as part of its certification as a “School without Racism – School with Courage”, about school partnerships with Romania, Costa Rica and India… much, much more. 

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“School is a place where you should feel at ease. This can only happen if the key players – its students and teaching staff – identify with the school and will only work if attempts are always being made to create the right conditions for everyone. It’s a challenge that we’re happy to take on at Gymnasium Nidda!” 

Alexa Heinze, Head Teacher

“The goal we’re resolutely pursuing is to be a good school. Against this backdrop, as a place where all these are interconnected, we’re delighted to take up the opportunity presented by the flying artist’s room.”  

Alexa Heinze, Head Teacher