Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim (2022/2023 & 2023/2024 school year)

Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim was founded in 1970 following a merger between several small schools. Located in Lautertal in the district of Bergstrasse, it encompasses a primary school and a vocational and general secondary school, and is attended by around 400 children and young people aged between 6 and 17 from 20 towns and villages in four municipalities. As its name suggests, the school integrates different types of education in the area.

Around 110 children currently attend the primary school, while the remaining 290 students attend the full-day profile 1 secondary school. Its clubs include a wind orchestra, a computer literacy programme, judo, gardening, ceramics and robotics. These take place every day up to 3.30 pm. Freshly prepared food is available for students at lunchtime.

One great advantage of the school is its size: as a small school with small classes, less able children with special needs can be encouraged alongside their more able peers. Its 22 classes have around 40 non-mainstream children and young people, including three youngsters with autism and nine with developmental needs.

In addition, there are several students in the school who have difficulties reading and writing. Encouraging these children while having high expectations of others and making good connections is one of the school’s primary concerns.

A special feature of the school is its merged classes in grades 5 and 6, where children recommended for the vocational and general secondary education streams are taught together and no grades are awarded – unique in the district of Bergstrasse. Lessons are only taught separately for each stream of education from grade 7. Students wanting to take the academic school-leaving examination generally move to the Scholl Siblings School in neighbouring Bensheim after grade 10.

The school’s focuses are on vocational education and digital learning. With the Talent Company and a future workshop, the school has specialist rooms with a vocational orientation and works closely with local companies on practical days and placements. It is also a partner of the Reading Foundation, which resulted in the school setting up its own reading club.

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“The flying artist’s room will enrich life at school. Our hope is that all sides will benefit from it: our students, the teaching staff, the municipalities and, of course, our artists. The space should be filled with life and this life should have a positive impact on the school community.”

Alwin Zeiss, Head Teacher