Photo © Annette Etges

“When you identify what you’re passionate about and what you want to say, you find out more about who you want to be.”

Claudia Sárkány, artist-in-residence 2021/2022

Claudia Sárkány, artist-in-residence 2021/2022 school year

Claudia Sárkány, who was born in London in 1981, is a film-maker and performer who now lives in Cologne. She studied film at The Arts Institute Bournemouth and the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Sárkány writes, directs and also always appears in her own short films. For more than ten years, in parallel to her film-making, the 39-year-old has worked as an art and film mediator, specialising in filmic narratives here as well. The artist has ambitious plans for her artist-in-residence bursary at Emsbachtal School: she would like to get a film or series concept off the ground with the students, extending over the whole school year and ending with a cinema screening with tickets, snacks and a red carpet. It could be science fiction or a horror series, a telenovela or even a science-fiction-musical-telenovela. From the end result, Sárkány is hoping for something that is “humorous, thrilling and visually imaginative, but at the same time conveying something serious, thoughtful and touching.”

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