Foto: Jessica Schäfer

“I’d like to demonstrate that it’s about designing life. Designing everything we do day in day out. That there’s a particular way of doing things, but why can’t it be different? If it’s conceivable, then it can also be modelled and designed.”

Jan Lotter, artist-in-residence 2018/2019

Jan Lotter, artist-in-residence 2018/2019

In his artistic work, the German-Colombian Jan Lotter, who studied at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach (HfG), deals with social interventions among other things. He implements these poetically and aesthetically in his activities and with great human intuition. In doing so he leaves it up to participants to perceive his offer as “art” or as an invitation for an extraordinary get-together. Lotter sees the flying artist’s room as an opportunity to leave the term “art” outside and instead generate areas of action where action is the priority and the means of design itself takes more of a back seat. Lotter has been doing projects with young people for several years, so he is particularly delighted at the prospect of being able to work with them for an entire year and in the process have a whole range of new experiences.

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