Stadtschule Schlüchtern (2022/2023 & 2023/2024 school year)

Stadtschule Schlüchtern is a combined vocational and general secondary school in the Main-Kinzig district and has around 750 students and 60 teachers. The school is located in the heart of the town of Schlüchtern. Despite its urban setting, Schlüchtern’s rural roots are still evident, nestling as it does in the “mountain corner” region between the foothills of the Rhön, Vogelsberg and Spessart. The school is certified school as having a specialism in music and in the 2021/2022 school year was included in Hessen’s cultural schools programme.

In its general secondary education, the school offers themed classes for grades 5 and 6 where the focus is on music, art and sport, with an emphasis on free and independent work.

As a full-day profile 2 school, it has various music, art and sports offerings, including a concert band, big band, rock band, choir, guitar group, dance theatre, creative work with materials, art, football and robotics.

The school is an autonomous school offering a general education and is currently undergoing an intensive development process. As part of this, everyday teaching changed in the 2020/2021 school year to slow down its pace and develop independent learning. In the morning all students have three 75-minute lesson blocks and 45 minutes’ study time where they work on results-based and project-based activities of different durations.

These create the space and opportunity for new forms of learning and trying things out. Alongside its tangible results, the focus of individual learning here is on independent project planning, implementation, documentation and reflection.

The flying artist’s room will expand the range of artistic offers at the school and at the same time provide creative ideas for project work and presentations relating to study time.

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“Work in art and music is hugely important for students’ personal development. Through their work, the flying artists can help to expand the horizons of students and teachers and enrich the life of the whole school with their creative input.”

Andreas Leibold, Head Teacher