What makes our school special

We’re a small school where everyone knows everyone else. Having an almost family-like environment makes learning and life at our school easier.

“I’m really looking forward to collaborating with the flying artist Fabian Knöbl, whose creativity will enrich our day-to-day life at school.”

Felix Hartkorn, art teacher at Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim

Why we wanted to have a flying artist’s room on our playground

Schools in rural areas find it hard to access cultural offers. The flying artist’s room provides the opportunity to bring art and culture to our school. We were immediately bowled over by the concept!

Our hopes, expectations and wishes

Our hope is that everyone benefits from this project and that it gives new impetus to our school. We would like the flying artist, Fabian Knöbl, to quickly become part of our school community and for it to be quite natural and nevertheless something very special to have him in our school.

Why the flying artist had to be a visual artist

We let our teaching staff decide on this and think that new influences and expertise in this specific area will enrich us.

“I’m really excited and can’t wait for an artistic year with my class and our flying artist in an inspiring environment.”

Christina Kindinger, grade 3 teacher at Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim

Our first impression of the mobile building

The pictures of the flying artist’s room are already impressive and inspiring. We believe that it will become a really eye-catching part of our school.

Joys and challenges

We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that two different worlds are initially colliding here: on the one hand our clearly structured school life and on the other artistic freedoms. We’re looking forward to achieving a merger between these two worlds. This will of course also involve work and effort on all sides. But we’re sure that the flying artist’s room will give the school a creative boost.

How will we probably feel when the flying artist’s room moves on after two years?

Our hope is that it will leave a great legacy after its time here. Although it will leave a hole, we will be able to close it thanks to our intensive collaboration over the two years.