Walter-Lübcke-Schule (2023/2024 school year)

Walter-Lübcke-Schule in Wolfhagen is a cooperative comprehensive school with a grammar school senior cycle in the district of Kassel and has around 1,350 students. 

As a Profile 2 school open all day, in addition to offering lunchtime supervision there is a multitude of music and sports clubs, as well as qualified homework supervision. 

With its renaming as Walter-Lübcke-Schule in 2020, the school community wanted to send a clear message about democracy and social cohesion. Tolerance and mutual respect are core areas in work at school in terms of content and education. From year 5, this is taken into account as part of the “Lions Quest – Growing Up” programme and in regular class council sessions. The students’ social engagement is also evident in numerous sporting events, such as the team triathlon and annual charity runs, the proceeds of which are donated to support those in need and community facilities.   

Since 2010 Walter-Lübcke-Schule has been certified as a school with a music specialism, and with this distinction combines the objective of inspiring as many children and young people as possible to make music. At Walter-Lübcke-Schule, alongside music classes and band projects, students interested in music can choose from a wide range of ensembles that rehearse weekly (school orchestra, big band and choirs). 

Walter-Lübcke-Schule is also proud to hold the quality seal for gifted students and for vocational and study guidance, and also holds a partial “healthy school” certification. 

The “Ecoschool – Learning and Taking Action for our Future” award honours the school’s particular commitment to environmental education and learning in the area of sustainable development. Among other things the school wants to maintain insect biodiversity by designing a bee-friendly school garden with several with several bee-friendly flowerbeds and insect hotels. This work is reinforced in the school’s collaboration with local beekeepers. 

Over and above this commitment, the school also feels culturally connected to the region and works in the area of fine art with institutions in the Wolfhagen area and the city of Kassel. This takes the form of cooperating on the design of events, exhibitions and installations that are organised by students on art courses or in the school’s own film factory in Wolfhagen’s regional museum.

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“Art, culture and music have never been more necessary than now since the pandemic, which restricted creative cooperation and the development of both our students and our teachers. We now have an opportunity to discover the new and unknown, to try things out across and between subjects and areas of the school, and to design and present work. The school community and creative artists in Wolfhagen are really looking forward to exciting projects that will have an impact beyond the school in the town and countryside around Wolfhagen.” 

Ludger Brinkmann, Head Teacher