Leander Ripchinsky, artist-in-residence 2022/2023 school year 

In front of the exhibition FLUXUS NEW YORK AND ELSEWHERE in manor Steglitz © Susanne Zaun

“What kind of art comes about if we team up? What kind of going round and round in circles lets us pause in an interesting way? How do we get into an action that leaves no external traces behind, but nevertheless changes how we think? Can we take the constantly changing meaning of purposeless art and perhaps explore a few ideas coming out of it together?”

Leander Ripchinsky

Full Name was born in County, Country in Date. Last Name works predominantly in Genre, but includes other Genres in His/Her large-scale works.  Last Name completed a Qualifikation with distinction at the Important Building in Date. He/She has had performances in Local Place at the Important Building, Important Building and Important BuildingImportant Building in Further Away Place as well as the Important Building in even Further Away Place. He/She is also Something Else at Important Place/Important Building. He/She lives and works in Local Place.

© Susanne Zaun; Kunstwerk: DO YOU WANT US HERE OR NOT von Shannon Finnegan

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