Einhard School (2021/2022 & 2022/2023 school year)

Einhard School in Seligenstadt is an academic secondary school in Seligenstadt, a town on the Main river steeped in tradition and home of the Frankish scholar Einhard, on the eastern edge of the district of Offenbach. Around 1,100 students from grade 5 to their final secondary-school examinations are taught and looked after by 80 teachers at the school.

Einhard School is part of a scheme in Hessen where schools are open full-time, offering educational supervision at lunchtime and in the afternoon for students from grades five to seven. Alongside a multitude of clubs, the offer includes skilled supervision of homework and creative classes. In addition, a school social worker offers assistance and support to children who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

It is compulsory for students in the middle school to follow the Lions Quest social and emotional learning programme “Growing up”, which promotes class community and the children’s self-confidence. Cooperative learning is also supported by courses on methods and mediation.

Einhard School is certified as having a music specialism. Its numerous music clubs, from choirs and big band all the way to the D’Einhard school band, offer students the opportunity to try out their musical talents. Frequent concerts connect the school community with the local area.

Drama also has a long tradition at Einhard School and is offered as a club or elective class in the middle and upper schools as a timetabled subject up to school-leaving age. The annual theatre festival offers individual theatre groups the opportunity to put on plays they have developed themselves to a wider audience. Einhard School has hosted the Hessian School Drama Festival on two occasions and won numerous awards at the country’s largest school drama festival.

The school also has other attractive offers: there is a regular student exchange with Seligenstadt’s twin towns in France, Italy and the US. The school’s varied programme is also supplemented by sports tournaments, talks, projects and field trips. Participation in competitions in individual subjects is also considered important. For many years the school has taken part in youth debating competitions, and maths competitions are held in all year groups.

Guidance on careers and further studies plays a key role in both the middle and upper schools. The first professional placement giving students insight into the world of work takes place in grade nine. Students do another professional placement during the introductory phase to acquire some first impressions of what their later professional life might be like. Close cooperation arrangements are also in place with the central student careers service at Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Employment Agency. Project-based learning and study trips round off the programme in the upper school.

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“The Flying Artist’s Room is a workshop in which students can develop their creative potential, a space for trying things out and making discoveries, and an opportunity to create time and space for encounters with one another and with who they are.”

Dieter Herr, Headteacher of Einhard School