Works at a glance

7062 ZEILEN, 2018
Large-scale audiovisual installation 

A study of horizontal polychromatic lines as an experiment in distorting perception. The elements are simple, the effect impressive: the “7062 Lines” installation creates an astonishing ensemble of colours, simple forms and clear movements. It combines and choreographs these three elements in this immersive installation that is searching for the limits of perceptibility. The visual overload is entirely deliberate.


Audiovisual installation
64 x modified flashes taken from disposable cameras, Arduino, Relais

64 modified electronic flashes create a suspended 3D matrix in the space. A predefined choreography activates the flashes and lets them pop randomly, over and over again. Participants are invited to stay in the room for as long as they like. This installation investigates electronic flashes as an artistic medium.

flashlightinstallation © Florian Voggeneder

Kinetic light installation, Text: Florin Lazarescu

It is odd how humankind adapted to a new reality in such a short space of time – an absurd and unexpected pandemic that changed the essence of our behaviour, our minds and our whole lives. We do not know what will happen next, but one thing is certain: the world should be rethought, almost everything is changing. So odd that even the banality and tedium of the time before the pandemic has become the happiness we dream about: hanging out, meeting people, hugging each other, being able to chat and look each other in the eyes. Without being afraid.

An installation that expresses the stillness of a text, the story of this absurd, unforeseen event that changes the course of our lives since childhood for good. A text is projected letter by letter on walls from the inside of a tube. Silently and slowly the text flows down before the spectators’ eyes. Subtitles to a story about life, about moments that suddenly change everything in our humdrum lives. You feel that nothing will ever be the same again.

“My dog died.

I played with a bow and arrow, fired my arrow and
never found it again. I understood that I’d never be one
of the three musketeers because the others would never allow it.
I failed miserably in my music lessons because I couldn’t tell minor from major
and was incapable of beating time.

Winnetou died.

The girl I was in love with kept playing truant from school.
My English teacher who gave me fantastic books to read moved to a different
school. I deliberately sang out of tune, but still
had to sing in the school choir. At a school party I had to dance with the wrong girl. I ended up dancing with the right girl at another school party, but she kept treading on my feet and
never stopped prattling on. When I saw her again a few years
later, she was sitting on the pavement with a vacant expression, eating
pumpkin seeds and waiting for the train.”

(Text: Florin Lazarescu)

F 18W T8 G13 865
Audiovisual performance, 10 x fluorescent tubes, Arduino, Relais

F 18W T8 G13 865 is a self-built audiovisual instrument with ordinary everyday fluorescent tubes arranged in a box in order to create a highly concentrated audiovisual performance with the emphasis on creating a very direct light < – > sound translation. 

“What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see.”

All the sounds and noises that can be heard in the compositions using this instrument are generated naturally by the tubes. These sounds are amplified and played over the PA without any additional manipulation. It is the pure sound of the tubes. More specifically, microphones are put in front of the tubes’ starters and electronic control gear, not the tubes themselves. The starters generate a high-pitched clanking sound and the electronic control gear a deep hum. The sound is produced by the lamps switching on and off. As this is done via a digital interface, Arduino and Relais, it is possible to produce a kind of analogue sound library. This library is used to compose different pieces that are performed live on stage.

2019 – Animation

A search for the technical limits of the Ars Electronica Center’s multimedia facade on the edge of human perception, honouring the promise of media facades. Rapid colourful images. Flickering, no break, rich in contrast: everything is always on.

The software used to control the facade was taken to its limit in order to provoke a disruption, visible on the facade as a glitch.

hyperscreen testpattern works hq © Dawid Liftinger
Unconscious Archives Festival 2017 © Ollie Paxton for Giguana