What makes our school special

Through its themed classes in particular, the municipal school offers students the opportunity to develop their potential. By introducing study time in all classes, we’re placing particular value on project-based, independent work. All in all, the focus is on each individual student’s personal learning process.

Why we wanted to have a flying artist’s room on our playground

Particularly in the area of music, we’ve recently had very good experiences in our collaborations with professional artists. We’re really looking forward to getting lots of new ideas for our lessons and for the rest of our school life from the flying artist’s room.

Our hopes, expectations and wishes

We hope to be able to encourage our students’ artistic potential with the flying artist’s room, and would also be delighted if one or two works of art were to emerge from it in the building and on school grounds that will also serve as a long-term reminder of the time we had an artist’s studio at school.

We’d also be delighted if we could get ideas and suggestions for creative presentations based on work during study time. We hope to have open approaches to art in a variety of forms of expression.

Why the flying artist had to be a visual artist

As we’ve already had plenty of experience of collaborating with professional artists in the field of music, we now want to make the most of the opportunity to get new ideas for artistic work with students in the realm of visual art.

Our first impression of the mobile building

The architecture is very impressive and well thought out. The flying artist’s room will be a wonderful addition to our school premises!

Joys and challenges

The teaching staff are really looking forward to collaborating with the two artists. The opportunity to be able to work bilingually with students also has great appeal. It’ll certainly be a challenge to see how we can ensure as many students as possible benefit from the artists’ presence.

How will we probably feel when the flying artist’s room moves on after two years?

After our time together we’re sure we’ll have lots of lovely memories and possibly also some works of art that will remain behind in school.

Fundamentally we’re very grateful that that we’ve been given the opportunity to have a flying artist’s room land on our playground.