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“A good teacher is like a good artist. They go right to the most difficult part of whatever´s going on.”

Bruce Nauman

Ida (Szu-Ying) Hsu, artist-in-residence 2022/2023

Ida Hsu was born in Taipei, Taiwan and now lives and works in Hannover. She studied free art at Taipei National University of the Arts, Chelsea College of Arts in London and Braunschweig University of Art, where she was awarded the masters student prize in 2018.

Hsu envisages “curating exhibitions, rather than concentrating on individual objects”. In the process she is interested in the exchange of dialogues, ideas, objects, images and situations and the collectivity of human existence. Through film, performance and installation she constructs exhibitions in such a way that bizarre scenes and alternative realities emerge.

Like an independent organism, Ida Hsu’s work researches the limits of time and space and the possibilities of existence. Philosophically and poetically, they offer a new interpretation of deep ecological reflections on the current social situation.

At Adolf Reichwein School, Hsu would like to introduce students to the new medium of “immersive theatre” and develop with them new narrative formats beyond traditional forms of art and theatre.

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