Welcome to the Flying Artist’s Room!

During the 2023/2024 school year, the flying artist’s room is making a guest appearance in six school playgrounds in rural Hessen with six mobile art studios. While there have been flying artist’s rooms in the 2022/2023 school year at Stadtschule Schlüchtern, Adolf-Reichwein-Schule in Pohlheim and Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim in Lautertal, they are being joined by a further three locations during the 2023/2024 school year: Gymnasium Nidda in the district of Wetterau, Paul-Moor-Schule in the district of Werra-Meißner and Walter-Lübcke-Schule in the district of Kassel.

There are now six artists-in-residence: artist duo g.a.d.o., comprising Lena Skrabs and Paloma Sanchez-Palencia, have been living and working in the flying artist’s room at Stadtschule Schlüchtern since the 2022/2023 school year, artist Fabian Knöbl has been in the flying artist’s room at Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim for a year, and Hassan Sheidaei, who until the summer 2023 was in the flying artist’s room at the Verbundschule Selters/Brechen, has moved into a new home on the playground of the Adolf-Reichwein-Schule in Pohlheim. Three more artists are joining the programme in the 2023/2024 school year: Damaris Wurster at Gymnasium Nidda, Ghaku Okazaki at Paul-Moor-Schule and Dawid Liftinger at Walter-Lübcke-Schule.

For three days a week the artists open up their “home” to students and teachers at their respective schools, turning the flying artist’s rooms into a platform and playground for the whole school community to try their hand at aesthetic approaches to curriculum content, experiment with them, come up with their own ideas and also do projects of their own in an open studio situation.

Gymnasium Nidda

Gymnasium Nidda is looking forward to flying artist Damaris Wurster.


Ghaku Okazaki is the new flying artist at Paul-Moor-Schule.


Dawid Liftinger has moved in to his flying artist’s room at Walter-Lübcke-Schule.

Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim

Fabian Knöbl has been the flying artist at Mittelpunktschule Gadernheim for the past year.


As artist-in-residence, Hassan Sheidaei inhabits the flying artist’s room at the Adolf-Reichwein-Schule.

Stadtschule Schlüchtern

The artist duo g.a.d.o. has inhabited its flying artist´s room at Stadtschule Schlüchtern for a year now.

Verbundschule Selters/Brechen (ehemals Schule im Emsbachtal)

Neues im Blog von der Verbundschule Selters/Brechen und Hassan Sheidaei


Einhard School

Neues im Blog von der Einhardschule in Seligenstadt und Christina Wildgrube

Creativity Hacks

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